Osage County Jail Current Population

The Oklahoma VINE system is a service through which victims of crime can use the telephone or Internet to search for information regarding the custody status of their offender and to register to receive telephone and e-mail notification when the offender’s custody status changes. The VINE toll-free number for the Oklahoma VINE system is 877-654-8463. This service is provided to assist Victims of Crime who have a right to know about their offender's custody status.

62 Current Inmates

Name Booked Date Sex Links (opens in new window)
ADAMSON, JAMES H 07/08/2019 M VineLink
ARMBRUSTER, JAMES J 06/05/2020 M VineLink
ASBURY, WILLIAM C 06/05/2020 M VineLink
BALL, MEGAN N 07/23/2019 F VineLink
BELAIR, CODY A 05/20/2020 M VineLink
BENNETT, JERRY D 09/11/2019 M VineLink
BIGHORSE, TOBY L 10/19/2018 F VineLink
BOAZ, CHARLES S 01/08/2020 M VineLink
BURCH, LACIE M 05/29/2020 F VineLink
BUSH, MARK L 02/26/2020 M VineLink
BUTLER, RYAN J 11/27/2019 M VineLink
CHAPMAN, TYLER D 05/27/2020 M VineLink
CHEESEMAN, DWIGHT A 02/18/2019 M VineLink
CLARK, DEANGELO J 06/02/2020 M VineLink
CONFER, CHRISTOPHER D 06/05/2020 M VineLink
COTTINGHAM, TERRANCE L 05/18/2020 M VineLink
DEBOARD, SHANDI E 06/28/2019 F VineLink
DEROUSSEL, JONATHAN K 05/23/2020 M VineLink
DINH, HUNG 05/11/2018 M VineLink
ELLSBERRY, RONNIE J 01/29/2020 M VineLink
ENOX, CAMERON J 05/04/2020 M VineLink
EVITT, KESHAWN I 09/20/2019 M VineLink
GARRISON, JEFFREY S 01/31/2020 M VineLink
GRAY, CHRISTOPHER W 06/04/2020 M VineLink
GRINSTEAD, DARLA C 06/04/2020 F VineLink
HARDING, JAMES H 05/07/2020 M VineLink
HERMAN, JASON L 05/13/2019 M VineLink
HOFFMAN, JEREMY T 07/24/2019 M VineLink
HORTON, WILBUR R 01/03/2020 M VineLink
KEENE, DANIEL J 10/19/2018 M VineLink
KLEIER, CALEB A 01/29/2020 M VineLink
LOWERY-HORN, LOGAN R 05/23/2020 M VineLink
MARGERUM, MARK E 02/12/2019 M VineLink
MCGREGOR, HUNTER D 02/10/2020 M VineLink
MCPHAIL, CODY T 02/26/2020 M VineLink
MEADOWS, JEREMIAH R 12/20/2019 M VineLink
MOLLETT, LONNIE W 05/15/2019 M VineLink
MOSLEY, ASHANTI 02/28/2020 F VineLink
OGDEN, ROY E 05/17/2020 M VineLink
OSTRANDER, RICHARD C 05/30/2020 M VineLink
PACE, ZACHARY K 07/25/2019 M VineLink
PESTER, ZACHARY P 05/24/2020 M VineLink
PHILLIPS, SHAWN M 07/19/2019 M VineLink
PRUITT, ANTHONY B 10/16/2019 M VineLink
PRUITT, AUGUSTUS B 08/30/2019 M VineLink
REECE, TYLER W 09/09/2015 M VineLink
RUDOLPH, ARON R 01/14/2020 M VineLink
SADE, TRACY C 01/23/2020 F VineLink
SCHARNHORST, MICHAEL S 06/03/2020 M VineLink
SELF, DERRICK W 07/25/2019 M VineLink
SERRANO, GAVINO 01/08/2020 M VineLink
SMITH, RICKY T 05/27/2020 M VineLink
SPEARS, THOMAS E 01/23/2020 M VineLink
STRUBLE, AARON M 05/06/2020 M VineLink
TAYLOR, BRUCE L 11/20/2019 M VineLink
WALTON, JOHNNY F 06/06/2020 M VineLink
WIDOWSKI, SHELBY D 12/20/2019 M VineLink
WILLIAMS, CECILIA 03/13/2020 F VineLink
WILLIAMS, JIMMY L 11/09/2018 M VineLink
WILSON, RICHARD O 05/21/2019 M VineLink
YARBER, SKYLAR L 05/23/2020 M VineLink
YATES, KIRBY G 07/23/2019 M VineLink