Osage County Sheriff Reserves

Christina Talburt

Christina Talburt began her law enforcement career in September 2008 with Osage County Sheriff's Office. She earned her CLEET certification in 2009.

In addition to being a Reserve Deputy, she began her career in emergency services over 20 years ago as 911 Telecommunicator. She has worked for Tulsa Police Department and Tulsa Fire Department as well as other Police and Fire Departments under their agency since 1995. She has an IAED certification in Emergency Fire Dispatch. She has received Law Enforcement Women of Year Award in 2005 for life-saving measures of Tulsa County Deputy who had a heart attack while having a suspect in custody.

Christina was promoted to Reserve Sergeant in February of 2017 where she currently serves.

The purpose of the Osage County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Deputy Program is to provide properly trained volunteers who are able to assist the Sheriff’s Office in a variety of tasks. The Osage County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Force constitutes an organization of volunteers who participate in nearly all of the department’s operations: patrol, special functions, special investigations, crime prevention, and community relations.

Join the Osage County Sheriff Reserves

The following is required to become and continue as a Commissioned Osage County Reserve Deputy:

These Deputies must obtain and maintain Oklahoma C.L.E.E.T. Certification (required of all Law Enforcement officers in the state). They are uninformed and are utilized, in most cases, in all reserve operations. Each Commissioned Reserve Deputy may work alongside the Department’s full-time Deputies, or they may work independently on special projects.

As stated above, all Reserve Deputies are unpaid volunteers who donate a minimum of 140 hours per the calendar year of volunteer service to maintain an active Reserve Commission.

Each commissioned Reserve Deputy is provided Department uniforms and associated equipment. Each Reserve Deputy provides their own duty belt, vest, boots, and department-approved weapon.

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