Illegal Dumping - We have a Deputy for that!

Illegal Dumping - We have a Deputy for that!


Keeping Osage County clean is not only a good idea; it’s a mission that Sheriff Eddie Virden took seriously.  Sheriff Virden dedicated a position to investigating and deterring illegal trash dumping in Osage County.  

David Mcalister is the Deputy assigned and his role is to make sure the illegal dump sites are cleaned up and that these crimes are thoroughly investigated.   Dumped trash and debris is not only unsightly it can pose risk to livestock, wildlife, and residents.  Deputy Mcalister also ensures that any danger is mitigated by responding to all reports involving suspected illegal dump sites. 

Deputy Mcalister expresses that Sheriff Eddie Virden has been instrumental in creating the position for him to be able to focus on cleaning up and pursuing those who illegally dump.  Deputy Mcalister takes great pride in knowing that he is keeping the lands safe and in turn residents safe.  

Law Enforcement requires tremendous amount of training in a variety of disciplines.  This area of enforcement also has nuances and aspects to handling and investigation.   Recently, Deputy Mcalister attended and completed specific training on Environmental Crimes and Enforcement in conjunction with Department of Environmental Quality. 

Deputy Mcalister has made a significant impact in this area for residents of Osage County.  Just within the year 2019 approximately 49000 pounds of dumped material removed, 78 criminal cases, over 78 dump sites located and investigated in 2019.   




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